Today we’re going to talk about honey from one of bees favourite trees! Linden.


The greek’s coined the linden tree as the “tree of life” and it can be found blooming all across the northern hemisphere. Linden trees differ slightly around the globe, but all linden trees from the genus Tilia produce excellent honey. You can usually spot a Linden tree by how many bees it will have attracted. Linden trees only blossom for three weeks in the year, but produce a massive amount of nectar. Bees are naturally drawn to the trees and will rush to gather as much nectar as they can carry in late spring to early summer.


Linden honey goes by many names in many places; Basswood honey, linden honey, and even lime honey thanks to its distinctive taste. Described as spicy, citrusy, and sweet; this light coloured honey comes with strong summery flavour with some unique nutritional benefits ranging from acid reflux prevention to the treatment of gut problems and fighting infections.


Zesty, summery, and loved by the bees; Linden honey will show you how diversely flavoured honey can be!

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