Honey comes from flowers, right? Simple. Well, not always.


Honeydew Honey is unique in the honey world as it is the only honey cultivated not from plant nectar, but from insects. This is how it’s made.

Honeydew itself is a sweet, sticky liquid secreted by aphids and small insects as they eat the sap formed on dense forest trees such as pine, oak, and willow trees. Bees love this stuff because of its very high sugar content, and will gather it just like nectar. Like nectar, bees will combine the honeydew with their own enzymes to break down the honeydew sugars and eventually pack it into their honeycomb.


Honeydew honey is usually dark, with a distinctive piney, herbal aroma and a rich, slightly bitter taste. If you’re not sold on insect made honey, wait until you hear Honeydew’s health benefits. Not only is the honey antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it’s also been demonstrated to have wound healing properties when used as a topical ointment.


With an unusual origin story, distinctive taste, and amazing antibacterial properties. Honeydew honey is a must try for the honey connoisseur.


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