Buckwheat or Manuka; which is better for your health?

Although the health benefits of Manuka honey have been studied for some time, the health benefits of Buckwheat honey are just beginning to be discovered. Manuka Honey is a dark, medicinal honey, farmed in Australia and New Zealand. Buckwheat honey is made a little closer to home, being commonly farmed in Canada and across Europe.

Since as early as 1981, researchers have investigated the health benefits of Manuka honey in treating wounds, burns, and bacterial infections. However, more recent studies have pitted Manuka honey against Buckwheat honey with some surprising results. Buckwheat honey contained significantly more protein and more of many minerals compared to Manuka Honey, as well as containing more antioxidants.

Both honeys show great abilities to restrict the growth of bacteria in lab conditions. 

However Buckwheat could fight some bacteria that Manuka could not. A recent study found that buckwheat honey is more effective than over the counter cough syrup at treating coughs in children! Buckwheat has also been shown to improve heart health, help manage glucose levels, and is gluten free and non-allergenic.


Manuka and Buckwheat honeys are both tasty ways to keep yourself healthy. But, if you want to keep your honey local, and save some money, why not give Buckwheat honey a go!

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