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Honey Trumps Sugar. Honey is a naturally sweet, viscous liquid made from the nectar of flowers and collected by honey bees. It comes in numerous varieties of different colors, textures, and flavors. The flavor, color, and sweetness of honey depend on which type of...

Raw Honey Avocado Sourdough Sandwich

Raw Honey Avocado Sourdough Sandwich This idea for a light, healthy and nurturing sandwich came from our little experiments at home. We had only avocado and this delicious sourdough bread from The Bearded Baker.  The results were great and we instantly have fallen in...

American sourdough pancakes

American sourdough pancakes - Our favourite breakfast item - There is no better reward for getting out of bed on Sunday morning than a plate full of American sourdough pancakes with delicious honey and seasonal fruit.  That is why this simple recipe will make this...

Banana Flap Jack

Banana Flap Jack - super foods snack This recipe for healthy energy bar is perfect for those of you who want a tasty homemade snack. Banana Flap Jack is easy to make and so good for you that you won't feel bad for enjoying it so much. You will love this refreshing...

Super Foods Brownie

Super Foods Brownie - try this delicious recipe. This recipe is so easy to make that you would be able to whip it out in no time.It's tasty and healthy. Super Foods Brownie is a great snack for you when needed.  Super Foods Brownie - fuel for fun. The first time we...

Bee Pollen Chocolate Cake

Bee Pollen Chocolate Cake - Katie's birthday surprise. We made this cake for Katie's birthday last June. It was a surprise celebration at work and it turns out great. We have this idea in mind for some time and were happy to use unsuspecting colleges at work as our...


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