Sweet Gift Guide to Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to show the special moms in our lives just how much we appreciate them. We know that finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our team has curated a collection of sweet and thoughtful gifts that any mom would love.

Compose your own gift sets

 Our honey gift sets are the perfect choice! You can customize the types of honey that will be packed in the set, choosing from our delicious range, or try our unique honey infusions, like Rose-infused Acacia Honey, Lime Honey with Gin called “Gin & Lime”, and Honey infused with Chocolate.

For an extra special gift, try our Natural Gift Set, which includes a jar of our delicious raw honey, a handmade soap, and a beeswax candle. Made with natural ingredients and packaged in eco-friendly materials, our Natural Gift Set is the perfect way to pamper your mom while supporting a sustainable, local business.

Sweet Gift Guide to Mother's Day
Set of beeswax candles with ceramic candle holder.
Hand-packed and plastic free
Candle Bundle £38.00
Sweet Gift Guide to Mother's Day
Honey, soap and beeswax candle gift set idea ~
Hand-packed and plastic free
All Natural Gift Set £32.00

Sweet Gift Guide to Mother's Day
trio of jars of honey with a wooden honey dipper gift set idea ~
Hand-packed and plastic free
Honey of your choosing Gift Set with a Dipper

Spread the Love this Mother’s Day with Our Delicious Raw Honey Gifts

Celebrate this special day by giving your mom a unique and thoughtful gift that comes straight from nature. Our raw honey varieties, including Buckwheat blossom, Heather Honey and Forest, are carefully selected and harvested from our own beehives. Each jar is filled with pure and unprocessed honey, full of natural sweetness and flavour that your mom will love.

Looking for something more special?

Our honey infusions are a perfect choice! Try our Rose-infused Acacia Honey for a delicate floral taste, or our Heather and Rapeseed Honey with Whisky called “Hot Toddy” for a refreshing and exciting twist. If your mom has a sweet tooth, she’ll surely love our Honey infused with Chocolate, which combines the richness of chocolate with the natural goodness of our Buckwheat Honey which considered to be better than Manuka honey.

Warm & Inviting Beeswax Candles – The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Our candles are made with 100% natural beeswax, sourced from our own beehives. We take great care in crafting our candles to ensure that they not only give off a beautiful warm glow, but also have air-purifying qualities, making them a must-have for any home.

The natural beeswax in our candles releases negative ions when burned, which helps to neutralize pollutants and allergens in the air, leaving your home feeling fresh and clean. Plus, they have a subtle and natural honey scent that will fill your home with a warm and inviting aroma.

Pamper Mom with the Gift of Natural Skincare – Our Honey, Oat and Linden Soap with Lavender Seeded Labels

Handmade with natural ingredients, our soaps are free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. They are enriched with the goodness of honey, oats, and linden flowers, each offering unique benefits for the skin.

Our Honey Soap is naturally antibacterial and helps to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin,
while our Oat Soap is gentle and nourishing, perfect for sensitive or mature skin. Our Soap with Linden Flowers is rich in antioxidants and helps to soothe and calm irritated skin.

But that’s not all!

Our soap labels are infused with lavender seeds, which can be planted to grow beautiful flowers, adding an extra touch of natural beauty to your mom’s day. Plus, our soap packaging is eco-friendly, making it a great choice for moms who care about the environment.

Give your mom the gift of natural skincare

For the ultimate relaxation experience, our lavender-based hand creams and pillow mists are perfect for winding down after a busy day. We also offer bags of lavender dried flowers, which are perfect for adding a fragrant touch to any room in your home.

Maybee something for the mind?

Looking to learn more about bees, plants, herbs, and other holistic subjects? Check out our selection of books that cover a wide range of topics, fit for a queen’s quest for knowledge.

Whether your mom is a honey lover or just appreciates natural, handmade gifts, our honey gift sets are sure to delight her this Mother’s Day.
Order now and give the gift of sweet, natural goodness!

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