A Taste of Untamed Scotland

At Edinburgh Honey Co., our bees forage the wild, untouched landscapes across Scotland to produce honey as pure as the country itself.

We position our hives in pristine rural locations from the Highlands to the Borders, where diverse native flora flourishes. Our bees harvest nectar from heather, bluebells, and wildflowers untainted by pesticides or pollution.

This allows their honey to capture the essence of the Scottish countryside’s unspoiled beauty. You can taste the difference in every sweet drop—hints of herbaceous heather, tangy clover, and woodsy pine.

We believe true Scottish honey comes from places untouched by humans. That’s why our hives are scattered across remote glens, forests, and moors far from cities.

With Every jar of our honey, you’re experiencing nature’s goodness in its purest form. Savor raw, unpasteurized Scottish honey that retains all the vital enzymes and antioxidants produced in pristine environments.

Let us transport your taste buds with the unrestrained flavors of the Scottish wilderness.