The Soothing Glow of Beeswax Candles

At Edinburgh Honey Co., we craft premium beeswax candles for their natural health properties and cozy ambiance. Beeswax is a wonderful alternative to paraffin candles.

Burning beeswax emits negative ions that help purify indoor air. Studies show negative ions can boost mood and energy levels by increasing serotonin. The soft, golden glow is also naturally relaxing.

Beeswax contains vitamin A, which aids skin health and regeneration. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe dry skin and irritations. Just basking in the mellow candlelight provides therapeutic effects.

Our candles use 100% natural beeswax sourced from our happy hives. We gently filter the wax before hand-pouring each candle in small batches, locking in its beneficial qualities.

Lighting a beeswax candle creates the perfect mindful moment of hygge. As you relax in the healing glow, breathe deeply and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Our candles transform any occasion into a meditative ritual.