At Edinburgh Honey Co., we are dedicated to practicing sustainable beekeeping based on three generations of expertise. Since the 1950s, our family has been perfecting gentle, ethical techniques tailored to Scotland’s climate.

Our hives are designed to provide the healthiest environment for bees to thrive. We focus on disturbance-free apiary management, fostering natural swarm prevention, and stress-reducing honey extraction.

We believe happy bees make the best honey. That’s why we don’t use pesticides or integrate commercial pollination. Our bees forage natural, plentiful flora across Scotland from Coastal Heather to Highland Wildflower.

By working in harmony with nature, our bees remain hardy, resilient, and produce the finest Scottish honey. We are committed to our sustainability ethos from hive construction to extraction methods, ensuring every step respects bee welfare.

Our approach allows us to create raw, unpasteurized Scottish honey that is natural, nurturing, and nutritious for our customers. We take pride in continuing our family’s beekeeping legacy sustainably.