Edinburgh Honey Co. was founded in 2017 by Andrew & Marta.
Andrew brings his Michelin-starred culinary background to producing our award-winning Scottish honey and bee products sustainably and artisanally.

For decades, Andrew’s family has been perfecting the art of beekeeping across Scotland. We are committed to continuing this heritage by crafting premium Scottish honey and sharing our passion for bees.

Our hives are scattered across idyllic rural locations from the Highlands to the Borders. This allows us to produce a range of rare single-origin honeys from orange blossom to wildflower.

We use proprietary methods like raw, unpasteurized extraction and traditional creaming techniques. This preserves the natural flavors and nutritional benefits – turning an everyday product into something special.

At Edinburgh Honey Co. bees always come first. We prioritize ethical, sustainable practices. Our honey is raw, unblended and sourced from our own hives. We also craft natural beeswax candles, soaps, and creams.

Our award-winning creations can be found in fine food shops across the UK and Europe. We take pride in producing honey as nature intended – nourished by the diverse flora of Scotland.