Woodland Honey Gift Set of 3 in a Wooden Box


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Hand packed in a wooden box. There is no better gift

This amazing hand-packed gift set consist of our most delightful honeys. Hand packed with recycled materials only and 100% plastic free will put a smile on that special persons face.

Comes with this amazing wooden box made out of pine tree and few interesting facts about our honey and a delicious honey cake recipe. 

Honey – the oldest sign of love

This set consist of 3 types of honey in 120g jars.
Acacia – one of the most beneficial types of honey which is slow to crystallise and kids favourite. Pure sweetness.
Forest – our absolute best seller. Sweet, aromatic yet zesty. With a faint note of fruit of the forest this honey will make you smile with every spoon you eat.
Linden – one of the oldest recorder single origin types of honey. Perfect match for any type of tea due to the zesty flavour. Know also as a Lime Honey.
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