Honey and Fermentation Workshop



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Honey and Fermentation Workshop

Come and join us on a sweet and sour journey!

Learn how to make traditional lacto fermented products, how use raw honey in lacto fermenting and how to make your own meads. Mead is one of the oldest ferments known to the mankind, come and learn how to recreate some of the forgotten recipes.

You will learn how to make your own sauerkraut, honey fermented mustard and garlic, mead and more.

We’ll discuss usability and safety of honey in lacto fermenting. Join us for tasty honey nibbles and drinks. Explore salty, sweet, sour and deep umami flavours of honey. During the workshop you’ll learn about numerous health benefits of using raw honey as well as discover what bacteria and fungi can transform honey into.

—> Lacto ferments – seasonal kraut
—> Cultured condiments – raw vinegar and honey mustard, honey miso pastes etc
—>Traditional probiotic drinks
—> Mead and it’s variations

We will host expert forager and wild food educator Szymon from foragerium.co.uk He has over 30 years of experience in fermenting and we’re glad we can work together on this project.

For thousands of years humans have been learning how to harness the power of microorganisms. Now we understand many of the mechanisms behind microbial activity. We can use bacterial and fungal enzymes to produce healthy and tasty food that can be safely stored for a long period of time. Food that is partially digested (fermented) by microorganisms is easier to absorb, never mind the taste transformation.

Numerous studies suggest that healthy bacterial microbiome is vital for our physical and mental well being. Consuming fermented products can help to improve your health as well as will add more variety to your menu. While combining the process of fermentation with health benefits of honey we’ll have a closer look at potential use in immune boosting properties of such products.

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date of the workshop

20.02.2020, 12.03.2020


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